Let's talk YOUR product

You know your business and customers.
We can help you with the leap into custom designed digital solution which will support your business.

Holistic approach

Hosting, SaaS, IoT, code, backend, frontend... You don't have to learn all of this. Stay focused on your business and we will guide you through the geek-world!

New ideas

With wide spectrum of fields of expertise we can turn your wildest idea into working solution


While guiding you throught your digital tour - we focus to make it as simple as pushing a button

Focus on results

We know that solution we build is just a path - to make your business shine in digital world of the future

Let's talk about us


what is /NEX

/NEX is a project started to allow small customers to benefit from the solutions available so far only for the big boys.
Modern IT solutions are closer and more reachable than most people think.
You only need a guide in this world - you need /NEX


where have be been

We have built large solutions for worldwide customers with thousands of users. We have also worked on tiny projects supporting small local businesses.


meet our skills

Our team members have different backgrounds and skillsets.
From project-management via architecture to ground-level development - we will support you.
We cooperate with great designers and development teams.
Our ultimate goal is to provide you state of the art user experience based on the cutting edge technical solutions.

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